Interview with Archie Fitzherbert, founder of local initiative Voucher Local (

What is Voucher Local? Voucher Local is a website and community platform to make life easier for those who want to discover and support independent businesses around Wandsworth and Clapham. Businesses can promote what they are doing, along with special offers, to local people. We hope this will encourage people to consciously change their spending habits from chain stores to small independents, which will make a real difference to the community. What inspired you to set up Voucher … [Read more...]

The hunger games

Oscar Wilde observed that “it is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating”. Well maybe? But the question of income and where to find it has become an increasingly frustrating exercise for many investors, whether it is for funding school fees, university costs or further down the road, retirement. People are talking about the “destruction of yield”. Which means what? “Yield is effectively the income return on an investment, such as the interest or dividends received from holding a … [Read more...]

Staying Safe During Firework Season

Human injury Prevention Fireworks Each year, over 1,000 people suffer injuries due to fireworks during the 4-week period around November 5th. About 60% of these accidents occur at home or at private parties and about 400 usually involve children under the age of 13. * The safest way to enjoy fireworks is by going to an organised display. If you are going to use them at home instead, ensure you have enough space both for them to be set off safely and for people to stand far enough away. … [Read more...]

Building Confidence in Children

My child is shy and struggles to communicate, what can I do? My child is really confident but won’t share or work well with other children, help? These are constant struggles that parents have with their children as they grow and become more independent. We all know that Drama and Musical Theatre are great for developing speech patterns and communication but did you also know performing arts helps children to-   Build on their listening skills At the beginning of our … [Read more...]

It Takes Two

It's no surprise that here at NappyValleyNet we're big fans of families - after all, we're a parenting site!  But as a small business we're also big fans of start-ups, as in the business kind. So during our last editorial meeting (OK, OK, over a glass or three of Brinkley's finest Prosecco), we wondered if we could combine the two and look at family teams who also run local businesses.  And once we started digging we soon realised there are a LOT of them around.  From interior design to soft … [Read more...]

Healthy Snack alternatives for kids & Teenagers. Part1.

When it comes to healthy snacks for your little tots and even right up to teenagers it is so tough to figure out what exactly is “healthy”. We are constantly battling with the marketing giants who target us with their apparently healthy products. Be cautious with foods labelled ‘fat free’ ‘sugar free’ ‘low sugar’ ‘low fat’. Check labels as these claims are made to encourage you to purchase the food, but they still may be full of calories. Honestly the best way to avoid choosing the wrong one is … [Read more...]

The best and worst snacks, reviewed. Part 2.

When it comes to choosing healthy snacks from the supermarket shelf, it is extremely difficult to navigate your way through all the brands on offer. What is important when you choose to buy readymade snacks? Checking the label for ingredients list is the best place to start. Ideally the one with the smallest ingredient list will be the best option as it will generally mean less processing. Some of the highest levels of sugar were found in bars which advertise themselves as healthy, due to their … [Read more...]

Curtain Call? Why you should consider our local theatres as part of a great night out.

  One of the joys of living in South West London is the sheer variety of things to do. In my patch, Earlsfield, we’ve still got a great range of local pubs, a large choice of good local restaurants and at least one cinema in walking distance. Unfortunately we lost the bingo hall, but you can’t have everything. Sometimes though you don’t want to go out for yet another meal, or another drink…you want to be entertained and want someone else to provide that entertainment. Well here again … [Read more...]

Smart Planning for Children with LGT Vestra

I guess we know intuitively that it is important to get children from a young age to understand the meaning of money and how it works. Not only does it make them appreciate that it “does not grow on trees” but may just help them over the line in some future daunting maths exam. But where do you start? What type of account should you think about opening? Do you prefer the old fashioned passbook or to go online? How do you find the best rates for your children’s savings? How do you invest for the … [Read more...]

Portico is offering discounted tickets to ‘Big Screen On The Green’

Tickets now on sale for one of the most exciting weekends of summer sport on London’s Parson’s Green, 9th – 10th July Portico, the official Property Partner of Big Screen On The Green, are offering a 20% discount code and a chance to win tickets to the exclusive event. To register for the 20% discount code and the chance to win tickets, visit their website:   Discount codes will be emailed within 48 hours. Located on Parsons Green, south west … [Read more...]

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