Hair today, gone tomorrow. Love a hairdo while it lasts…

It was the perfect Friday lunchtime treat.  Work like a demon all morning and leave the house in the usual rush (even without children underfoot, why does that always happen?) for a short hop, skip and jump onto the Northern Line from Balham up to Clapham North.  Bike wasn't an option as helmets and hairdos aren't compatible and public transport would mean no traffic to contend with or parking space to find.  Add to that the fact that Live True London's Clapham North branch is literally under … [Read more...]

September / October Offers and Competitions

WIN a room makeover with Paint The Town Green!  Paint The Town Green offers a high quality bespoke decorating service and its own line of high calibre, non-toxic paint. To have the chance of winning any one room in your home being decorated for free, simply solve this quick puzzle.  Our 36 shades are named after song titles.  'Tidying' is an anagram of one of them. Which colour is it?  Visit our website or pop into our showroom on Allfarthing Lane and pick up a colour chart.   Email … [Read more...]

The air is different today and the wind sings with a new tone

  September is a strange month. The “dog days of August” have gone and change is happening. It is the time when our kids move up a year, move onto different schools or go on to university or college. It is a period of flux, activity and some uncertainty. Whatever the destination, there is most likely somewhere along the line going to be some form of much needed (and hopefully planned) parental financial support. It could be school fees or when we look at further education, helping with … [Read more...]

Fuss Free Phones

How worried are you? How Stressed? If the answer is "More than I have ever been in my life", then you are normal.  Research has shown that as we get older we get more worried. But there is good news, things then get better. They say that half your life is ruined by your parents and then half your life is ruined by your kids. Today we have "The Sandwich Generation", people who are looking after both their kids and their parents. It's a result of people living longer and starting families … [Read more...]

July/August Offers!

WIN £100 to spend on Farmdrop is the ethical grocer delivering local, sustainably grown food direct to your door. To enter, simply complete your details here: Competition closes 31st August 2017 WIN Dinner for two at Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley Marcus Wareing's eponymous restaurant is located within the illustrious surrounds of The Berkeley hotel in Knightsbridge. One of London's most acclaimed restaurants, Marcus combines two … [Read more...]

They call it puppy love…

Have you been the subject of a prolonged campaign by your partner and kids to get a dog? If so, you’re not alone! But are you ready for this new ‘leash’ of life? Dom Makin, founder of The Dogfather, South West London’s premier dog-care provider, offers a few words of wisdom for families thinking about inviting a four-legged friend into the house. In my eight years of running a professional boarding and dog-caring business, I’m often asked what sort of dog would make the best family … [Read more...]

The future of food shopping

Do you want a convenient, cost-effective way to deliver your family food fresh from the farm? Imagine feeding your family fresh, ethically produced food every day. While living in London, working full time or running around after kids, that can feel like an unrealistic option for many busy parents. Wandering leisurely through farmers’ markets to discover an exciting new Cheddar, or sourcing organic, free-range pork for the family roast from a small-scale, mixed farm might be the pinnacle of our … [Read more...]

Happy, Healthy, Home? Balham Literary Festival 2017, 8th to 11th June

There's something for everyone at this year's Balham Literary Festival, so wend your way to The Bedford for some page-turning talks, writers and workshops, plus a pop-up bookshop from Dulwich Books. Balham Literary Festival returns this year with a striking line-up of speakers, including founder of Wahaca and 2005 MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers, distinguished neurosurgeon Henry Marsh, former ambassador Sir Jeremy Greenstock, and Mercury-nominated singer-songwriter Kathryn … [Read more...]

Bubble – On-demand app Baby sitting App

I love South West London. I came here as a student – living in Tooting when years had 19s in the front of them - and then, after some time dotted around the country, I landed near Lavender Hill. That was nearly 17 years ago and I’ve kept an SW postcode ever since. Back ‘in the day’, with the future Mrs M often leading the way, there would be regular tours down the Northcote Road – the Holy Drinker, Babel, etc – hanging right up Battersea Rise to Le Bouchon. Or occasionally find ourselves lost … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Risks and keep your child safe

Child Safety Week is a great annual reminder to us all to take a fresh look at our surroundings to minimise potential hazards and ensure we are one step ahead of our child’s developmental milestones. It is exciting to see how quickly children grow, and revel in new developments such as reaching, rolling over, crawling, standing, walking, climbing, opening bottles and turning handles. However, each of these new abilities herald a new potential danger and it is vital to stay one step … [Read more...]

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