The future of food shopping

Do you want a convenient, cost-effective way to deliver your family food fresh from the farm? Imagine feeding your family fresh, ethically produced food every day. While living in London, working full time or running around after kids, that can feel like an unrealistic option for many busy parents. Wandering leisurely through farmers’ markets to discover an exciting new Cheddar, or sourcing organic, free-range pork for the family roast from a small-scale, mixed farm might be the pinnacle of our … [Read more...]

Happy, Healthy, Home? Balham Literary Festival 2017, 8th to 11th June

There's something for everyone at this year's Balham Literary Festival, so wend your way to The Bedford for some page-turning talks, writers and workshops, plus a pop-up bookshop from Dulwich Books. Balham Literary Festival returns this year with a striking line-up of speakers, including founder of Wahaca and 2005 MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers, distinguished neurosurgeon Henry Marsh, former ambassador Sir Jeremy Greenstock, and Mercury-nominated singer-songwriter Kathryn … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips to Reduce Risks and keep your child safe

Child Safety Week is a great annual reminder to us all to take a fresh look at our surroundings to minimise potential hazards and ensure we are one step ahead of our child’s developmental milestones. It is exciting to see how quickly children grow, and revel in new developments such as reaching, rolling over, crawling, standing, walking, climbing, opening bottles and turning handles. However, each of these new abilities herald a new potential danger and it is vital to stay one step … [Read more...]

Balham gateway to laughs

Looking ahead to this year’s Balham Comedy Festival. Sometimes a year passes by so quickly you barely notice it. I can’t believe that it’s already 12 months since I was writing about the Balham comedy festival’s 5th anniversary, and we’re almost at the launch of this year’s event. Being local to Balham, I like that we have a festival that each year manages to attract such high-profile acts to perform in a room that quite frankly looks like something from a budget Arthurian epic. I know … [Read more...]

In conversation with Shannon Leone Fowler

From grief to reckoning to reflection to solace, a marine biologist shares the solo journey she took—through war-ravaged Eastern Europe, Israel, and beyond—to find peace after her fiancé suffered a fatal attack by a box jellyfish in Thailand. What made you decide to become a marine biologist? How did your relationship with the ocean change after Sean’s death?  My grandpa was a physical oceanographer at Scripps Institute in San Diego, California. Growing up, I spent summers on the beach there, … [Read more...]

Fab Iphone Workshop with Emily’s Family Workshop’s

I have just finally got round to upgrading my Iphone. I’d been putting it off for a good 6 months in part because I simply couldn’t find the time to go to the shop to sort out a new contract and partly because I was really comfortable with the Iphone I had. It wasn’t happy though as it was slowly losing the will to live (battery wouldn’t hold its charge).  Armed with my new phone, I was delighted to find myself invited to one of Emily’s Family Workshops focusing on all things Iphone. Perfect … [Read more...]

Miracle baby Abi survives op at 23 weeks

Zahid founded Magdalen Nursery in Earlsfield with his brother in 2012. Magdalen Nursery has gone on to be one of the most respected and advanced childcare settings in Wandsworth. It has unparalleled facilities and care whilst providing essential support and platforms for new mothers. Zahid made a decision to with his family to dedicate his life to children following the untimely death of his baby sister aged 3. He is fulfilling his aspirations for children to be cared for in all ways including, … [Read more...]

Tardy goes to Animal School. An interview with the author Dan Keegan.

Dan Keegan was born in 1973 in Millbank and now lives a mile away in sunny Elephant & Castle, but swears he's more adventurous than that...  . Why did you write the book? I was working in marketing for a famous paint company (not Farrow and Ball - another one! )  when I started to write Tardy goes to Animal School if I'm honest I was feeling a bit wounded from a start-up that hadn't worked.  . One summer's … [Read more...]

School of rock – Lessons in laughter

So this week I’m not writing a restaurant column, well don’t worry there’s plenty of reviews coming up, but right now I wanted to share an experience that I enjoyed so much I didn’t want to keep it to myself. So for one night only (for now,) with the delightful dining companion transformed into delightful theatre goer (DTG) we made our way to the New London theatre to take in a performance of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s new(ish) musical ‘School of Rock.’ We’d dined earlier at somewhere so delicious, … [Read more...]

Interview with Archie Fitzherbert, founder of local initiative Voucher Local (

What is Voucher Local? Voucher Local is a website and community platform to make life easier for those who want to discover and support independent businesses around Wandsworth and Clapham. Businesses can promote what they are doing, along with special offers, to local people. We hope this will encourage people to consciously change their spending habits from chain stores to small independents, which will make a real difference to the community. What inspired you to set up Voucher … [Read more...]

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