No pain no gain?

Georgina Blaskey went to try the latest beauty treatment to lift and rejuvenate skin - microneedling - and here's what happened. Last week I visited Jess Woolliscroft at Queens Beauty (based at Head South on Northcote Road) to try her newest offering: Dermapen, a revolutionary micro-needling treatment to tighten, lift and rejuvenate skin. I was really nervous about this treatment because it involves needles and a red face – neither of which I was looking forward to – but I needn't have … [Read more...]

It was All About The Girl (for once)

A bit like London buses, this set of treats came along in a group of three.  Very lucky me. It started with a Shellac Luxury Gel Manicure.  Actually it started with a little pack of Love Hearts, from a very lovely bowlful sitting on the side as you walk in off Northcote Road to be surrounded by all sorts of gorgeous goodies, from Cowshed lotions and potions (their Knackered Cow range was winking at me knowingly) to Bumble & Bumble hair products, Stila make-up and more.   A lady was just … [Read more...]

Ever wondered about your inner strength?

  Take part in a week of free activities and events with INNOVO® at Westfield London to celebrate Pelvic Floor Week Pregnancy and child birth can take it’s toll on the pelvic floor and can often lead to bladder weakness as the muscle is weakened. This affects the lives of an astonishing one in three women in the UK, so you are not alone. With millions of women in the UK effected by this, pelvic floor experts INNOVO® are hosting a week-long programme of free activities, at Westfield … [Read more...]

Kalyana Spa – 15% off Monday – Friday

We have teamed up with local Battersea estate agent Portico to bring you some brilliant offers and reviews of local bars and restaurants. Here is their review of Battersea’s Kalyana Spa… Kalyana Spa is a little slice of the Far East in Battersea. Step inside to dark wood interiors decorated with oriental flowers and stone sculptures. The spa offers three private treatment rooms, a beauty area filled with every colour of shellac imaginable and a downstairs haven with loungers, floating fabric … [Read more...]

Lara Lashes: 10% Off

We have teamed up with local estate agent Portico to bring you some brilliant offers and reviews of local businesses. Here is their review of Battersea’s beauty salon, Lara Lashes… Lara Lashes is a little boutique, hidden away in a lovely townhouse at the top of Battersea Rise. (You’ll know you’re there when you see the pink neon flashing Lara Lashes sign in the window.) Once you’re buzzed in by a friendly beautician, you’ll find a cosy reception area and a contemporary, clean and secluded … [Read more...]

Back to work (out)!

Have all your New Year fitness resolutions gone out the window four months on? Well summer is around the corner and that means bare arms, shorts and beachwear! Luckily we’ve asked the best fitness experts in the business to give you a free body boost in the comfort of your own home. Just click on their link below to follow a short workout they’ve made especially for you - and if you like what you try, read on to find out how you can sign up for more of the same. Complied by Georgina … [Read more...]

Follow the path of peace to the reCentre (Part 2)

There I was, back again.  This time for Hatha Yoga on a bright morning.  The class was held the other way around in the studio, with our backs to the mirror, looking towards the pleasingly curved glass windows with the sun streaming through the tree cut-outs.  I was immediately transported to another place, far from the madding crowds outside, the work, the piles of stuff-to-do-that-never-gets-done at home.  I find I'm actually quite good at switching off and forgetting about it all, focusing … [Read more...]

Six signs of Sepsis – essential information for every parent

  Sepsis is a devastating and extremely serious condition that affects over 150,000 people and kills over 44,000 people in the UK every year; it is often responsible for brain damage and amputations. Sepsis has recently had considerable publicity following the extremely sad case of William Mead and the catalogue of errors that led to his death. The enquiry highlighted how difficult Sepsis is to diagnose and the need for a public awareness campaign to alert people to look out for tell-tale … [Read more...]

Picture perfect Pilates at the reCentre (Part One)

Friday. Waking up with the alarm, making sure everybody is dressed in the right kit, bags are packed, breakfast is served, school run is done, a few work emails sent, it was both surprising and lovely to find myself lying down on the floor of the reCentre on Balham High Road by 9.30am.  Not a bad way to begin my day.  Especially a Friday.  I was full of that #FridayFeeling. Through work, I had been invited to join in on one of Jo Redfearn's Pilates classes.  It's tough, but someone's got to do … [Read more...]

10 steps to “Glow-ing” teeth

Brush your teeth at least twice day; using an age appropriate fluoride toothpaste. We do not recommend the use of fluoride tablets. Brush baby teeth as soon as they come through; use your fingers wrapped in gauze or a special baby tooth brush. Make sure to use special baby toothpaste. Clean in between you teeth and see your hygienist! Spaces in between teeth are a great place for bacteria to hide! Use floss or little brushes. Your hygienist can get into those pesky spots that are almost … [Read more...]

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