The best and worst snacks, reviewed. Part 2.

When it comes to choosing healthy snacks from the supermarket shelf, it is extremely difficult to navigate your way through all the brands on offer. What is important when you choose to buy readymade snacks? Checking the label for ingredients list is the best place to start. Ideally the one with the smallest ingredient list will be the best option as it will generally mean less processing. Some of the highest levels of sugar were found in bars which advertise themselves as healthy, due to their high wholegrain or vitamin and mineral content. Snacks like chocolate are, unsurprisingly, high in sugar and most people know to consider them as an occasional treat. The concern is that lots of us don’t realise that some cereal bars can be similarly high in sugar and fat – because we don’t think of them in the same way as chocolate, we may be tempted to reach for them more often than we should.

5 snacks to avoid:

Coco pops snack bar (42 % sugar content)


Go ahead yogurt bars (42% sugar content)


Kellogg’s Rice Krispie Bar (36 % sugar content)


Nakd banana crunch bar (44% sugar content)*


Tracker chocolate chip bar (31% sugar content)



*it is worth noting Nakd bars contain no added sugar or syrups and the sugar content is from natural sources- bananas, dates & raisins so they do offer a lot more nutrients than the other snack bars listed despite the high sugar percentage.


5 to choose:

The food doctor apricot & almond bar (11% sugar content)


Nairn’s breakfast Oats & berries (13% sugar content)


Oat so simple golden syrup morning bars (15% sugar content)


Super seeds Peanut original lift 9bar (15% sugar content)


Jordan’s absolute nut bar (15% sugar content)



Snacking forms a huge pastime for children and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Nutritious snacking can provide much needed energy and important nutrients. However it is important to choose the right types and avoid refined sugars as much as possible. These types of handy snacks should be included as part of a healthy balanced diet and should never replace meals.




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