10 steps to “Glow-ing” teeth

steps to Glowing teeth

  1. steps to Glowing teethBrush your teeth at least twice day; using an age appropriate fluoride toothpaste. We do not recommend the use of fluoride tablets.
  2. Brush baby teeth as soon as they come through; use your fingers wrapped in gauze or a special baby tooth brush. Make sure to use special baby toothpaste.
  3. Clean in between you teeth and see your hygienist! Spaces in between teeth are a great place for bacteria to hide! Use floss or little brushes. Your hygienist can get into those pesky spots that are almost impossible to reach and we recommend you see her at least once a year.
  4. Straighten crooked teeth with braces: crooked teeth are more likely to harbour plaque and bacteria. These can be very difficult or almost impossible to clean.
  5. Tackle Dummy and thumb sucking habits early: as long as the habit stops before they are 5 years old, your child’s bite is likely to improve on its own.
  6. baby2Spit don’t rinse. After brushing your teeth don’t rinse! You’ll leave behind a protective fluoride layer, to defend your teeth and keep them strong.
  7.  Snack smart: Swap sugary chocolate, and sticky sweets, for cheese, crackers and nuts. Try to limit sweet treats.
  8. Fight the fizz and acid. After having a fizzy drink or glass of juice, don’t brush your teeth straight away! Wait for at least 30min – this gives your mouth chance to neutralize the acid.
  9. Chew sugar free gum, with xylitol: the extra saliva will wash away harmful acids and bugs that cause holes in your teeth.
  10. Regular check ups and don’t delay!  If something doesn’t feel right get it checked  ASAP, before it turns into a bigger problem.








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